Good Looking Art to Bring Your Wall Alive.

You have a wall that is blank. Blank and empty.  Like a monotonous piece of concrete.  Devoid of all meaning.  You need something.  Something to fill that empty space. Something to bring life and colour.  To your wall.  You need a painting. 

But not just any painting.  A good looking painting that you enjoy.  An artwork to adorn your wall.  That as you look into its depths, you notice something new each time.  A painting that evokes interest.

I'm Simon Capper and I create paintings that have depth that you can gaze into, curious landscapes you can explore and dynamic movement that appears to shift on the canvas.

I paint imagined landscapes. This is a landscape created with only one foot in reality and the other foot in awesomeness! Otherwise known as an imaginative atmospheric space of movement and colour.

So let me be the one to tempt you with a good looking painting that you enjoy having on your wall.

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Imagined landscapes through crafting form and space.

Profile Picture

I am a New Zealand artist that has a passion for oil painting.
I paint imagined landscapes that explore space and depth within the artwork. I love the idea of being able to step through a window into another world.

I believe that through crafting space and form, emotions are found, formed and expressed. Colours and movement also add another layer of communication.  I get inspiration from things seen in day to day living.

Whether it s a pattern on a leaf or a dramatic cloudscape. Both can spark an idea to explore. The challenge is showing the idea in the artwork, sharing with others to enjoy.

Through practice, trial and error ideas shine through more clearly with each artwork.

All the artworks are painted in oil paint on box canvas.
I paint using the wet on wet technique or alla prima. Meaning that the painting is created at first attempt, in one go, while all the paint is still wet. I like it because it gives a smooth feeling when blending colour. I delight in pushing the paint around to create my ideal blend of colour and light.
When making artwork it is fascinating when intent and purpose meet the random and unexpected of using oil paint.

I am mostly self taught through experimenting. Although I have had classes over the years that have given me some guidance. I am grateful for the tips and techniques I have been given. My journey is continuing and and I am looking forward to what I learn next.

I live in Auckland with my wife with whom I am lucky enough to share my creative passion with.